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African woman sewing, basic skills for life


Unlocking education
for those who need it the most

Education for Refugee Camp population

Our Mission

Education and human potential

Avallain Foundation's main aim is to unlock education for those who need it most. We believe in the power of education to set free human potential. Giving people access to quality educational materials and basic literacy skills is a key step to make a difference. We make use of our knowledge of the ecosystem and our expertise in education technology. 

Our Vision

Education is the constant factor

Circumstances may vary across the world but education is a constant factor enabling or prohibiting full participation in society and achieving individual agency to change life's trajectory. Access to high-quality education, not least due to new technologies, can be achieved and influenced by non-governmental actors, on any scale. This is where we - as a small implementing organisation - put our experience and assets to work to change small worlds for the better and contribute to human development and ending poverty.

E-learning in Africa, online education for all

Our Projects

In our projects, we often use technology to take education to those who have not yet been reached and bridge the digital divide. With relevant educational content and an awareness of the need for decolonisation, we aim to help individuals and communities around the world thrive by creating opportunity and choice. We also collaborate with institutions, governments and its agencies to solve education problems in a sustainable way. 

Create change with us

In many countries, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy are basic rights, provided to every citizen. But what of a developing country, Africa for instance, where in some areas, highly heterogeneous groups of people need to be educated with little access to resources or infrastructure?

Kakuma refugee camp, practicing e-learning education

Let's talk about what we can achieve and the people we can reach.

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