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Avallain Foundation is the realisation of Avallain AG’s vision based on the belief that cutting-edge education technology can unlock human potential.

Assuming social responsibility with conviction

Avallain AG has been a pioneer in the market since 2002 providing education solutions to leading international companies. In its experience Avallain AG came across areas of need around the world where quality education was unavailable and the commercial value was not appealing enough to attract investment.

To bridge that gap Avallain AG decided to establish a permanent presence in East Africa opening a daughter company in Nairobi as part of its corporate social responsibility. As the projects in Kenya developed successfully creating job opportunities and working closely with local authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders, Avallain AG’s co-founders took their commitment further by creating Avallain Foundation.

For this vision, they counted on the support and enthusiasm of the whole team at Avallain AG from the beginning. The time and expertise they contribute to the foundation and its various projects is crucial in our investment to unlock education for those who need it most.

African student buiders, workers, building site in Africa
Hairdressser in Kenya, Africa
Avallain Foundation's  Focus

To secure the Foundation’s continued stability and success, Avallain AG is committed to covering the administration costs, making sure that each donated dollar goes directly to those who need it most. Avallain Foundation is a fully established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation based in the United States.

Avallain AG’s expertise lies on technology but its main drive is education and the needs of the learner. It is precisely this drive that has led Avallain AG to generously donate all the products developed for Africa to Avallain Foundation.

Additionally, and in order to keep close bonds between the two entities, one of its co-founders presides the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Avallain Foundation lives up to the commitment to further develop the donated products, take high-quality digital education to those who need it most and unlock human potential.

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"Health education is one of the most effective ways of empowering people to play an active role in living healthy lifestyles. As a health professional, I am passionate about promoting patient education. I worked with the iAfya team to compile patient education in the areas of Maternal Child Health and Healthy Living. I recommend the iAfya portal as a reliable source of information for health."

Esther Gimoi Mother of now two year old Victor Njoroge Clinical Practice Educator

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